Ep. 74 Perfect

January 8, 2018

Did something new. Hope you enjoy the conversation with some of my favorite songs sprinkled in. 


Ep. 72 5-Year Goals, Hillz, & the Death of Nuance

September 18, 2017

In this episode, we tackle the farce that was the GGG/Canelo decision. We go in-depth into my 5-year goals coupled with the rationale for each. Also, we talk about being able to not love everything about Hillary Clinton but knowing she'd be a trillion times better president. Oh and #IStandWithJemele


#BeAnEnergyConvertor #DoWork 


Ep. 71 Energy Convertors — More Than a Hashtag

August 30, 2017

Prayers up for Houston. This episode is by far my most personal to date. It's the intricacies of my story. I know it'll help someone. Also happy and excited for the Energy Convertors Paid Fellowship which is launching really soon. 


#BeAnEnergyConvertor #DoWork 


Ep. 70 Special Guest Ty-Licia Hooker

August 17, 2017

This is a late post but my good golden-hearted friend came by to do an episode with me on my birthday. We had a ball and she's doing great things in the world. You'll also meet Mike, who's putting a lot of value in the world as well. He pops in at the end. Enjoy. 


Twitter/IG: @ccoleiii



Ep. 69 Interview with Parent Education Activist Gwen Samuel

July 17, 2017

Gwen is truly one of my favorite people. We discussed everything for how fell into education advocacy work. She spoke on how the teachers' union attacked her when she became an activist. She spoke on how she's had her lights turned out while trying to do this work since everyone in her organization is a volunteer. She was just amazing and we had a good ole conversation that friends have and y'all get to chill with us. Contact her. She's accessible. 

Gwen Samuel’s Bio: Gwendolyn E. Samuel is a mom of children that attend Connecticut Public Schools. In February of 2016, she launched Equity Impact Strategies (EIS) Consulting, a place where community building and public policy intersect. In addition, she is an equity in education advocate and facilitator who founded three community-based organizations in Connecticut: CT Parents Union; the State of Black Connecticut Alliance; and, the Meriden Kids Walk Safe Coalition – Safe Routes to School Initiative. She is also the author of the upcoming book, Game On, Parents! Moving from the Sidelines into the Game of Education Reform, which is due out in 2018.

Gwen's Social Media:

Twitter: @RealTalkGwenS

Website: realtalkgwensamuel.com

My twitter: @ccoleiii



Ep. 68 Hustle Edition with Bens Hilaire

July 3, 2017

Bringing the podcast back with a BOOM! Bens Hilaire, founder of the SubwayTalent App and contestant on Apple's Planet of the Apps. Support his indiegogo campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/subwaytalent-an-app-for-booking-musicians-music/x/1684602#/

You can connect with Bens on all of his social media outlets: 

Twitter/IG/Snap/FB: @BensHilaire

Twitter/IG/Snap/FB: @SubwayTalent


And as always, you can find me at:

Twitter/IG/Snap/FB: @CColeIII


Ep. 67 My Brother and Me

May 29, 2017

On this podcast, my brother Will came through again. There's no script, no rundown, just two friends chatting about privileged information that none of y'all have. So take a trip back to 54th and Gaskill in North Oakland with us while we discuss beefin' with our parents as kids, Mexico mishaps, NY, graduations and gang of other random stuff. Welcome to my crib. 


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Ep. 66 The NYC Episode

May 23, 2017

Updates while in NYC. Discussing the challenges and wins in starting an organization. Also, many comments and arguments about New York Pizza. All types of wild stuff. Listen. 


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Ep. 65 Civics Day Keynote Address 2017 (7 Minute Quick Hit)

May 15, 2017

I had an amazing time as the Keynote speaker for Generation Citizen's Civics Day event. The talk is only 7 minutes but I tried to waste no words and those young people inspired me. The focus was student voice and the need for it. Take a listen. 


Twitter/IG: @ccoleiii